Building a 'Welk bowl'




As a child I was fascinated by the grey, sticky, plastic mud that I pulled from the bed of our local stream. It was then fashioned into crude vessels, which dried and died on a tree stump beside the stream.


That fascination took me through Loughborough College of Art and Design, Dartington Pottery training workshop to the present day in my 3rd workshop in Culmstock Devon.


I have been designing and making clocks for nearly 30 years. Originally these were inspired by traditional mantle clocks. Gradually the emphasis on the traditional form gave way to an understanding that as long as they had a clock face they became a vehicle for creative fun.

I work in a red earthenware clay under a white slip and decorated with underglaze colours at the leather hard stage. After a first biscuit firing I glaze with lead frit clear glaze and fire to 1136 C. Occasional pieces have a further firing with gold lustre for some highlights.


Introducing a small and speeded up video of the making of a leaning clock from slab to decoration.

Video Copyright © Paul Leyland Cricklepit Productions.