About Commissioning a piece of pottery or ceramic sculpture

Things to know about commissions

If you are interested in commissioning a clock or other piece from me, then this section will apply.

Commissions have been forming a larger part of my work as a whole. This was not something I had initially given a lot of thought to and always approached the idea with a degree of reticence. However, I have found that I enjoy discussing  and working with many ideas that have been requested. As a spin off it can also open up a new and fruitful areas that I may not have considered.

Simple commissions have taken the form of a  request for one or other of my regular pieces,  perhaps specifying the colours or decorative design..The other end of the scale has been the design and production of a completely new shape ,style and content. (see ‘susie’s clock’).

If you wish to contact me  regarding a possible commission, I am willing to discuss any ideas.

How it Works.
After an initial consultation I shall get back to you with a price , start/delivery* date an any other matters arising. I would then ask for a deposit (min. £100). The final payment upon completion.

What you get
You will receive a  piece that is signed and made by myself in consultation with yourself and completely unique to you.

As a guide ,commissions work out between £1500-£3000.
For any of the  current work with minor changes/ alterations, considerably less.

*Due to the risk of cracking/ other problems with new designs , delivery times are approximate , but I in the case of a special anniversary or birthday etc I have not been late yet. I will always keep you informed of progress.

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